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We specialize in Dynamic Propeller balancing / Vibration Analysis; Pitot-Static, Transponder, Altimeter system certification; Avionics installation & Repair.

We are committed to supporting the Experimental aircraft community and have years of experience in Experimental aircraft maintenance & construction.

All work, inspections and certifications are accomplished by an FAA certified  Repairman with Airframe / Powerplant license & Inspection Authorization.



    Aircraft Services Available

  • ADS-B In/out installation, both 1090ES and UAT
  • Dynamic Propeller Balancing & Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Pitot-Static Transponder System Testing / Repair / Certification
  • CFR 91.411   IFR Certification,  Altimeter / Encoder / Static System
  • CFR 91.413  Transponder Certification,  Modes: A / C / S
  • Transponder / Altitude Encoder Installation and Repair
  • Bench Certification of Altimeters / Transponders / Encoders
  • High accuracy RVSM Compliant Air Data Test equipment
  • Avionics Systems Installation and Repair
  • Electrical System troubleshooting and Repair
  • General aircraft / engine / airframe maintenance, annual inspections.
  • Aircraft Weighing , Certified Aircraft Scales

     Experimental Aircraft Services

  • We Specialize in Van's 'RV' Aircraft
  • Annual Condition Inspections
  • Comprehensive Pre-buy Inspections
  • Pitot-Static / Transponder System Certification
  • Dynamic Propeller Balancing
  • Glass Panel Installation / Upgrade
  • Airframe Maintenance and Repair
  • Engine Maintenance and Repair
  • Certified weighing
  • EAA Technical Counselor
  • FREE Safety Inspections


EXP Aircraft Services LLC

FAA Repair Station, No. 1E4R827B
Conveniently located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex


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We currently do not work on Part 121 or 135 aircraft