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Van's Aircraft Builder Assist

We can help you with your RV kit assembly every step of the way. Whether you are just looking for a second set of eyes to inspect your work, some full time help to get that next major assembly complete, need a hand bucking rivets or just a little confidence boost to move forward, we can be there to help.

In the DFW area we can travel to your house or hanger as required, we also have quite a few tools available that may help make the job easier and produce a higher quality product.

With our 30+ years of aircraft experience we help you build both a high quality and safe aircraft for you and your family to enjoy.

Below our some pictures from my own 7A (slow build) project

7A Wings ready for lower skin install (slow build kit)

7A Canopy fitting in work

Fitting the cowl

Setting wing incidence, sweep and drilling aft spar

Ready to go!

Finished Product