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Pre-Buy Inspection -  Experimental Aircraft

As an FAA certified AP- IA and experimental aircraft owner and builder, I will accomplish a thorough, detailed Pre-Buy Inspection on an experimental aircraft you may be looking to purchase.

We are intimately familiar with Van's aircraft so we know where to look for common builder construction errors. We evaluate overall quality of construction, avionics equipment, systems installation, and perform ground checks of all systems.

Our comprehensive Pre-Buy inspection usually takes about 4-6 hours the aircraft when done at our location and a bit longer if done at the sellers location. We also spend considerable time before and after the actual inspection with you reviewing aircraft history, records, possible problem areas, avionics equipment, etc..

When the inspection is complete, I generate a written report which includes a 1-10 grading system of all sections of the aircraft  along with supporting photographs.

Some of the things that we include as part of the inspection:

  • Engine ground run and systems checks.

  • A thorough review of aircraft records and log books

  • Review AD's and Van's SB accomplishment as applicable

  • Remove engine cowling

  • Accomplish firewall forward Inspection

  • Perform Engine Compression test

  • Remove and cut open oil filter, inspect for contamination

  • Open various inspection panels / fairings / bulkheads for airframe inspection

  • Detailed exterior inspection of wings, fuselage, tail, canopy

  • Inspect wiring and avionics installation, verify proper operation

  • Inspect  systems and flight controls for proper construction / operation / rigging

  • Check Service bulletin accomplishment