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Maintenance and Repair Price List:



General Shop Labor Rate: $80/Hr.  Avionics Repair rate: $90/Hr.


Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Engine Vibration Survey:

  • Experimental: $250*

  • Single Engine: $295

  • Twin Engine:   $550

* Experimental owners remove and install upper cowl.

24 Month 91.413 Transponder Certification (VFR):

  • Transponder Certification: $120

  • Transponder with Altitude Encoder / Altimeter Correlation:  $250 *

* Required for new installations or when the altitude encoder or altimeter have been replaced.

24 Month 91.411 / 91.413 Certification (IFR):

  • Single Altimeter W/ Single Pitot / Static System: $325 *

  • Dual Altimeters  W/ Single Pitot / Static System: $375 *

  • Pressurized: Dual Altimeter W/ Single Pitot / Static System:$550*

  • Pressurized: Dual Altimeter W/ Dual  Pitot / Static System:  $650*

* Includes Altimeter, Static System, Altitude Encoder Data Correspondence, and transponder tests.

* Includes minor altimeter and encoder adjustments, other repairs extra.

* Prices may vary for some aircraft with limited access to components

In-House Bench Testing / Certification:

Altimeter, Blind Altitude Encoder, Transponder

  • Altimeter / Altitude Encoder Data Correlation: $100*

  • IFR Altimeter Certification: $100*

  • Both of the above tests performed together: $175*

  • Transponder Bench Test & Certification: $100*

* Carry-in price, does not include removal and installation.

* Includes minor adjustments, repairs extra.

* Serviceable parts tag issued for units that meet spec.

Aircraft Weighing:

  • Experimental Aircraft: $250

  • Certified Aircraft: $300*

*  Maximum empty weight approx. # 2000 lbs, we are not equipped to tow aircraft up onto the scales.

Experimental Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspection:

  • Includes detailed inspection, full report and pictures: $500*

* Does not include travel expenses or parts (oil, oil filter, etc.).

Experimental Aircraft Annual Condition Inspection:

  • $995 (2 seat RV)

  • $1295 (RV10/14)

( parts and repairs extra)

Traveling to your location:

Subject to prior arrangement, we are able travel to your location with our equipment (RV7 or truck).  We charge a modest fee to cover our fuel and travel  time.


Please keep in mind that when doing certifications at your location, if we run into a problem we may not be able to fix it without an extra trip charge as we carry limited tools and parts with us while traveling. So in the long run, it is generally more cost effective for you to bring the aircraft to us, especially if you suspect a problem. We will only to do IFR checks at our location due to the extensive testing requirements and equipment involved.


Payment Policy Terms:

  • Payment is due upon completion of work.

  • We prefer Cash or Check

  • We accept most major credit cards (add 3% bank fee for Credit card transaction).

  • For Major Avionics installations and upgrades, advance payment for equipment purchases will be required.

Don't forget to bring your logbook with you!