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Aircraft Weighing

We are equipped to weigh your Certified or Experimental Aircraft with our Certified Intercomp ACII Aircraft Weighing System. These scales are calibrated annually traceable to NIST standards and are accurate to +/- 0.1% of applied load (that's 2.5 lbs at 2,500 lbs).

We also make the required logbook entry and provide you Weight and Balance documents for your records (you are required to carry current W&B documents in the aircraft). For Experimental RV aircraft we have some very nice software that will show your weight and balance graphically and plot your CG at minimum and maximum gross weights.

Maximum weighing capacity is #1500 lbs per pad (#4500 lbs total). However, pulling a large airplane onto the scales and being able to level the aircraft limits our current weighing capacity to single engine aircraft of approximately 2,000 lbs empty weight.

We can weight your aircraft at our location or travel to you, however, due to the amount of equipment necessary to level the aircraft we prefer to do this at our hanger.

For experimental/small aircraft that weigh under 1200 lbs, weighing and leveling is usually not a problem, if you have a larger/heavier aircraft please contact us to discuss.

Intercomp ASCII Aircraft Weighing system

Please contact us for more info.