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A fully certified, STC/TSO'd Solution, affordable for any aircraft!


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FreeFlight Systems TSO'd RANGR family of receivers, transmitters and transceivers are among the most flexible and affordable suite of ADS-B Solutions for airplanes and helicopters. FreeFlight Systems is the creator of the first certified 'UAT' ADS-B Out solution for helicopters operating in the Gulf of Mexico and is obtaining STC's for the most popular make of light general aviation airplanes.

The RANGR products integrate seamlessly with all FreeFlight Systems GPS/WAAS systems for high-integrity position reporting.

  •  FDL-978-XVR Transceiver "in and out" with built in certified GPS
  • Includes Wifi adapter for displaying weather & traffic on your tablet
  • Includes GPS and UAT antennas
  • Includes TC-978 control head (required for some installations)

List Price: $4495, Special price: $3895  Save $600

(not including installation)

(We will meet/beat anyone's price on this unit when sold for Experimental aircraft installation.)

When shopping for an ADS-B equipment, the cheapest price does not always represent the best value. As a certified repair station and authorized FreeFlight dealer, we can provide full installation and ground/flight testing with the necessary test equipment to ensure your system is operating correctly.

NEW! RANGR FDL-978 'Lite'

978 lite

The new product line is based on the successful FreeFlight Systems RANGR “Blue Box” product line, with some reduced feature sets. The RANGR Lite systems are non-diversity capable and have a clear coat box finish. The In/Out XVRL product has the ability to display free weather and traffic via our Wi-Fi module to a compatible tablet device only. Some of the I/O required for integration in larger aircraft has also been removed. Customers who elect to start with the low-cost Out TXL system will have the option to upgrade to the In/Out XVRL version at a later date.

Both systems come complete with built-in WAAS/GPS, ADS-B and GPS antennas, an install kit, control head,  Wi-Fi module included with XVRL.

Available April 8, 2015   (Deliveries expected to begin late in the second quarter 2015)


Introductory Retail Prices


RANGR TXL - $1995  (ADS-B out only)

RANGR XVRL - $3295, (ADS-B in/out)





This unit consists of a TSO'd ADS-B receiver with an internal TSO'd GPS position source. This unit with your current mode S/ES transponder will be a complete 2020 rule compliant system for ADS-B In/Out.



Retail $2995,

Special price: $2695

TSO-certified 1201 GPS/WAAS Sensor

Designed for general aircraft applications, the TSO-certified 1201 GPS/WAAS Sensor provides position, velocity, and time to an integrated navigation system. Other notable features include Fault Detection and Exclusion for navigational integrity and a twelve-channel receiver for improved systems availability and continuity. Selected for the FAA’s Capstone Program in Alaska, this sensor system supports oceanic and domestic enroute, terminal, non-precision approach and departure operations. The small, lightweight 1201 GPS/WAAS Sensor offers
RS-232 data output for easy integration into your aircraft.

The 1201 GPS/WAAS sensor meets the ADS-B requirements for PVT sensor accuracy and integrity in all regions of the world. When combined with a data link such as the FreeFlight Systems 978 MHz Data Radio, dual antennas, and a control head, the 1201 WAAS Class 1 Sensors are an efficient, effective, and economical ADS-B Out solution for the rotorcraft
and general aviation markets.

  • Includes GPS antenna
  • Includes 1201 install kit

 Retail Price: $3995 , Our Price $3495

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